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Thank you for your interest in our
Brooklyn Jewish Center Circle.

We thrive from your comments, memories,
and "tid bits" of the Center.

Hundreds of hours have been invested in this project, and we are happy to share the knowledge we have of the Brooklyn Jewish Center with you.

We also are looking for video or audio footage, memorabilia or documents to add to our archives so we can share them with others. All items will be returned to the owners.

We hope you enjoy this website,
as much as we enjoyed producing it for you.

Please keep in touch, and if possible join us
for any of the events and programs we offer.

Thank you for your interest.

Our Contact Information is

Oholei Torah - BJC Fund
667 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, New York 11213

Rabbi Nosson Blumes

Office 718.778.0734
Cell 347.386.2963

[email protected]


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