The Crown Heights area along with other major portions of Brooklyn are rejuvenating with life, growth and nostalgia. Many of the historic buildings along Eastern Parkway have seen drastic interior and exterior renovations. The Brooklyn Museum and the Mai branch of the Brooklyn Public Library have gone thru multi-million dollar exterior upgrades and modernization. Many of the apartment buildings and homes have also had face lifts. This has restored much of the original beauty and prestige to the Parkway with a sleek modern look.

The Crown Heights Jewish Community itself has seen unsurpassed growth in recent years, expanding its boundaries as far south as Midwood Avenue and past the northern side of Eastern Parkway until Sterling Place, and beyond.

The grand edifice of the Brooklyn Jewish Center today exists at the Educational Institute Oholei Torah, which houses a Jewish Day School, Talmudical Seminary College, Synagogue, Recreation Center and Grand Ballroom. Since Oholei Torah's partnership with the Brooklyn Jewish Center, the building continues to be a beacon of light and pride for American Jewry.

The original Brooklyn Jewish Center edifice was built in 1920, with great detail in architectural beauty. At that time, the founding members spent one million dollars to erect the building.

Over the years, extreme weather has taken a toll on the fašade, eating away at the lime stone, mortar, window frames and roof. The grime of the city has baked decades of dirt, blackening the design and age old workmanship etched in limestone.

The main entrances (many parts still the originals from 1920) are far from sufficient for the multitudes of guests who visit throughout the year. It also lacks the proper security needed for such a public building.

In recent years, the roof has been replaced and the main prominent windows have been modernized. Now we are at a critical crisis where entire areas on the northern side of the building are crumbling and on the southern side, facing Eastern Parkway, the lime stone is rapidly decaying. Due to the years of extreme weather, the front patio and steps are collapsing, and are in desperate need of pillars and support. Architectural experts have said that in a short span of 24-36 months, it may be beyond repair.

A Preservation Campaign has been launched in order to raise the necessary funds to restore and update the building.

Your most generous contributions will give us the opportunity to save the exterior of the building and restore its' original glory.

You will play a most important role in continuing the efforts and pride that the community builders had in the grand edifice as they dedicated the building for themselves, and even more, so for future generations.

Recent Completed Renovations

  1. Facade cleaning, pointing and restoration
  2. Anchoring new pillars for the patio
  3. New limestone moldings where missing
  4. Remodeling of upstairs foyer area
  5. 3 main entrance doors and booths
  6. Refurbishing and restringing of the original four Ballroom Chandeliers
  7. Patio reconstruction and pointing
  8. New hardwood floors in ballroom
  9. New hardwood floors in upstairs foyer and lunchroom
  10. New entrance flood lights
  11. Two entrance lamp posts

  1. Remodeling of the main ballroom
  2. Touch ups on fašade
  3. New windows and door entrances
  4. Repaint and fix vaulted ceiling and main entrance
  5. Remodeling upstairs lunchroom
  6. Remodeling upstairs foyer area
  7. Remodeling original bathrooms
  8. Mens Bathrooms
  9. Ladies Lounge
  10. Redo the coatroom entrance area
  11. Plant new garden
  12. Remodel fence


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